The Process

If there are 57 steps to get to the end result, then the process is what governs steps 1-56 and results in step 57. My goal is to get you to want you really want, the final images, as simply as possible.


  Step 1: Draw

Outside The Box Creative Thinking

Before we get too carried away we need to slow down and think/dream/Draw for a moment. We are looking for the key ingredients: Mood, Feel, Style, Colour, Texture. The more we connect with what makes up your brand, the better that will be revealed in the final images. This can even be done on a cocktail napkin if the inspiration strikes.



  Step 2: Design

Build & Enhance Your Brand

So now we have these lofty dreams, but they need to be integrated into an existing Design (branding, colours, etc) scheme. We may need to make some tough decisions now, but it will be worth it. By stripping away the unnecessary, the distractions, we will be putting the focus solely on our subject.



  Step 3: Direction

 Project Planning = Value; Buy Only What You Need

It has been fairly right-brained activities so far, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves we need to know exactly what we are doing. Establishing our Direction gives us a broad strokes view of the project, including an accurate costing based on the number and usage/licensing requirements.



  Step 4: Details

 It Won’t Happen By Accident, But That’s My Problem Now

I am a stickler for Details; chance favours the prepared, as they say. It may take 57 individual steps to get to our end result. I’ll obsess over those steps and their details so you don’t have to, all the way to the end of the shoot.



  Step 5: Delivery

This part is like Christmas, who doesn’t love that?

You’ve got your images in the right sizes and colour spaces and all that and you are ready to go set the business world on fire. Glad I could help with that just a little bit.