Lightroom 5 Beta

Adobe just released a Beta version of Lightroom 5. Full version expected later this year. The inclusion of perspective control in particular is a big one for me. Might be the end of the line for Aperture, for me at least…


It’s hard not to watch a timelapse video sequence and not be amazed at the world we live in.

Creativity + Productivity

As always, Chase Jarvis ( @chasejarvis) tackling the tough stuff; the myth of business. It serves as a good reminder that structure can lead to more creative and productive work. My mantra has become “Work Smarter, not Longer”.

— Full Story on Chase Jarvis’ Blog

Aperture Next?

So Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion, and Compressor today and are marketing to get/keep pros on the platform. You have to wonder if Aperture will be updated next? Or Ever? Might be too little, too late. Seems like most of the industry has shifted and put its support behind Lightroom. The clock is winding down until I do the same. But still I hold out some hope; familiarity and comfort are generally resistance for change.

— Full Story at AppleInsider