PHOTOGRAPH: A Quarterly Magazine For Creative Photographers: Issue 3 Review

photograph3-coverNow into its third issue, the pattern for PHOTOGRAPH is starting to emerge. Ironically for a company called Craft and Vision, the structure of these Magazines is to start with the Vision and finish up with the Craft.

  1. Portfolio Reviews/Photographer Q&A
  2. Then Creative Inspiration Articles
  3. Then Technique Articles for Lighting, Post Processing, and Camera Control
  4. Ending with Gear Reviews

Review of Issue 3 of PHOTOGRAPH Quarterly, by Craft & Vision

Photograph3-portfolio1This issue starts off with three portfolio reviews/Photographer Q&A. First of which is some stunning Black&White photography by Indonesian based photographer, Hengki Koentjoro. Following are portfolios of Craft & Vision regulars Kevin Clark and Dave Delnea. Kevin Clark is sharing his Food Photography portfolio, while Dave Delnea is showing images taken from a personal project shot in Tunisia. All three portfolios are quite stunning in their own way. I also love to read the Q&A Interview section. I find it easier to connect with the images after reading and getting to know the photographer a bit; it makes it easier to see yourself really connecting with your own work or project.

photograph3-portfolio2Article Topics:

  • Taking Risks, David duChemin: Exploring your own creative process by identifying and overcoming areas of risk or fear.
  • Essential Building Blocks of Composition, John Paul Caponigro: Understanding each different and fundamental components of composition.
  • Tilt Shift, Younes Bounhar: A tutorial on how to use a Perspective Correction & Tilt/Shift Lens.
  • Ashes or Dust, Chris Orwig: Find the Phoenix moment for your creativity, what kinds of images would you create if you started from scratch?
  • Portraits in Northern Kenya, David duChemin: Pursuing a new look for humanitarian portraits in remote northern Kenya.
  • Collapsable Reflectors, Kevin Clark: Portrait techniques using the venerable reflector.
  • Creating Presets and More, Piet van den Eynde: Creating import presets, using vingette controls and modifying Lightroom default settings.
  • Why We Print, Martin Bailey: Finding the joy and value of printing your work.
  • The Histogram, Nicole S. Young: Learning to read and understand what your camera’s histogram is telling you.
  • Gear Is Good, Al Smith: Review of some equipment that could change the way you do things, ideally for the better.


In just a few Issues I have come to appreciate what Craft & Vision is trying to do with PHOTOGRAPH which is to feed the whole of a photographer. We have become so accustomed to a smorgasbord method of consuming media and information, that by comparison this magazines approach is like a 7 course meal. I have come to expect the value from content produced by Craft & Vision. They obviously “get it” and do a great job speaking to a lot of us. I understand that their style will not appeal to everyone, and that is okay. Here is my take:

  1. If you have read Issue 1 or 2 of PHOTOGRAPH and liked it then you should love Issue 3. You may want to consider buying yourself the subscription and save a few bucks.
  2. If you have read other eBooks at Craft & Vision and liked them, you might really dig the layout of PHOTOGRAPH since it combines elements from several of the eBooks, a more well rounded offering of visual and emotional motivation and technical advice.
  3. If you are brand new to all this, your first exposure to Craft & Vision, I believe that experience of PHOTOGRAPH is a complete summary of their mantra.
  4. If you have read Craft&Vision books in the past and they have not really appealed to you all that much, chances are neither will PHOTOGRAPH.

Purchase Details

You can purchase Issue Three of PHOTOGRAPH for USD $8 by clicking any image above, or by visiting Craft & Vision.


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