Lightroom Develop Presets from Craft & Vision, duChemin & Delnea

Something new from the folks at Craft & Vision: Lightroom Develop Presets by David duChemin and Dave Delnea. This particular offering is pretty exciting simply because it can be a very significant tool in the hands of a photographer that wants to increase their post-processing prowess. I guess the writing has been on the wall for a little while with how the whole team at Craft & Vision has embraced and taught the use of Lightroom, so releasing this type of tool makes a lot of sense. Perhaps we will see future releases by other members of the Craft and Vision family.
What makes this offer so interesting is that it includes some of the most recognizable presets from both David duChemin and Dave Delnea. Prior to using these presets I think it is important to ask yourself a few questions (already  assuming that you are on the Lightroom platform)

  1. Do I want to use a preset? While some people fully embrace presets to do the “heavy lifting” in their image workflow, others choose to use them as a creative tool and a starting point while refining the image. The remainder tend to avoid using presets at all in favour of an all manual workflow. Ask yourself which camp you think you fit in.
  2. Do I like the image editing styles of these photographers? A fair question. If you don’t like the look of thief photos, why would you want their presets?

David duChemin Lightroom Develop Presets

presets-duchemin-1This preset pack includes 36 different develop presets spanning from Black & White, to Duotone, to landscape colour corrections. I have included a few sample images to give you an idea of a few different presets.

presets-duchemin-3Preset Categories:

  • Black & White Series
  • Black & White Duotone Series
  • Mid Tone Lift
  • Golden Hour
  • Honey on Land
  • Milford Greens
  • Maasia Split
  • Sunset Series
  • Toxic Series
  • New Direct Positive



Dave Delnea Lightroom Develop Presets

presets-delnea-1This preset pack includes 46 different presets covering a wide range of applications and image types.

presets-delnea-2Preset Categories:

  • Desaturated Green
  • Warm Green
  • Washed Tropics
  • Washed Vintage
  • Forest Walks
  • Cyan Skies
  • Highlight Warming
  • Gold
  • White Cyc
  • Blue Hour
  • Custom Tone
  • Backlight



Develop Presets: Pricing & Bundles

Get David duChemin’s 36 Preset Pack on its own for $10

Get Dave Delnea’s 46 Preset Pack on its own for $10

Bundle and Save: Get both Preset packs, 82 presets total, for $18 when bundled together. Until May 5th, get an extra $2 off when using the coupon code PRESET2 at checkout.

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