Let’s Get It Started

An Old Green Barn On A Working Farm - Just Because I Like The Texture

Months of self imposed exile are over as I launch my new site/blog, emphasis on the blog. Gone is the stiff and stodgy website, in with a blog platform for me to be as honest as possible. Mostly honest to myself for my own well being, and to a lesser degree for your enjoyment (hopefully). I used to think that what I had wasn’t good enough to share, now I think differently.

I will be writing and sharing on several subjects.

  • Client and Personal Work projects. Behind the scenes description of strategy, production, setups, settings, etc. BTS video will make its way on too, albeit a bit later. Anyone want to do BTS video with me?
  • Equipment. I love the shiny things, so I plan to talk a lot about what I use and why. I also will talk about stuff I would like to use someday.
  • DIY. When I can’t find something I want (or anywhere near the price that I want), I like a good DIY. I want to share in detail some of my secrets. If you ask nice I may share them all. Well maybe most of them.
  • WordPress. I am a relative newbie to WordPress, but love what you can do yourself (see above). I will share the discoveries I have made so far.
  • Scan of the Week. I used to shoot a lot of Velvia back in the day. I plan to fire up the ‘ol Nikon Coolscan once a week to share some of my favourites from the archive.
  • Life. We have all had our experiences that tore us down and built us back up again. I am no different. I want to share my journey in hope that it inspires others. You are better than you let yourself believe.
  • Have a question? Ask. I will do my best to answer.

I hope you all enjoy reading.




  1. congratulations on your launch. it looks great and i can’t wait to see what your blog becomes… a wonderful thing i am sure! sharing your experiences and your journey is a tremendous gift you can give others.

    • Thanks, Robyn. It’s time for me to share. There are lot’s of great photographers who have a lot to share. Heebs, I’m looking in your direction.

  2. Stoked to see this launched. Can’t wait to read what’s coming. Already loving the photography, and the site looks terrific.

  3. Brad Sumner says:

    Way to go, sir. Looking forward to seeing and hearing a fantastic mixture of both great and mundane things from your repository of wisdom.

  4. Hey Darryl!
    It’s a blessing that you are so generous with your talents. Looking forward to enjoying this blog as much as I enjoy Jodi’s!

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