eBook Review: “Growing the VisionMonger 2” Craft & Vision

VisionMonger2-cover My first read through the original title Growing the VisionMonger, and a later title called Your Creative Mix had me hooked on author Corwin Hiebert’s grasp of the entrepreneurial needs of us creative types. The term VisionMonger was coined to describe the creative who sells their “vision”. It is often hard enough to catch the tail of your own vision, let alone finding was to promote it to others. So with great anticipation comes a follow up book, Growing the VisionMonger 2.

eBook Review of Growing the VisionMonger 2, by Corwin Hiebert. A Craft & Vision Title.

Before I get too far, it should be noted that this eBook is targeted squarely at the entrepreneurial photographer, which consists of someone who earns their income from photography, is trying to earn income from photography, or thinks they may want to earn income from photography. For the pure photography hobbyist, you may want to sit this one out.

Now to the book. This ebook consists of twenty actionable tasks are sandwiched between ten Q&A sessions from different established photographers. In creating this book, Corwin Hiebert had a simple goal of giving the reader a list of 20 tasks to do that can be done in a reasonable time frame for a reasonable cost. No one gets off the hook here, your truly included.

There is a lot that can be said about entrepreneurship, creativity, small business management, and, of course,
the infamous blue pill: marketing. I have narrowed my focus to 20 actionable things you can do in a relatively short timeframe, without spending a lot of money (or no money at all), that can help you better manage and grow your photography business. Each item includes at least one “Take Action” task. These tasks are meant to provide you with a spark—a jolt to your backside—so that you will do something without hesitation. Maybe you’ll even need to interrupt your reading of this eBook to go do something!

On the Photographer Q&A Sections

Each Q&A session is very condensed, even point form at times. The result is straight to the point that either resonate with you and confirm some good choices, or sting as they hit their mark. Ten different Photographers with ten different stories means there is a lot of valuable advise to learn from. Not all of it will resonate, but some will.

I am shooting more of this these days

I am shooting more of this these days

On the Twenty Actionable Steps

I think lists and steps aren’t worth reading simply because they are overly simplified. A problem worth solving shouldn’t be able to be answered that easily. First of all this book is not written like a list, each topic is introduced and described in a few paragraphs, and always ends with a task or project. Remember that the author can’t solve your problem, only you can, but he can point you in the right direction.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Brilliant, just brilliant.


If you are so well established that you don’t need this kind of advise, chances are pretty good you are not reading my blog (or Craft & Vision eBook’s for that matter). For the rest of you/us, which I peg around 99.9%, buy this eBook. You will be glad you did. You may also be interested in his previous ebooks (Growing the VisionMonger and Your Creative Mix). Along the same lines, you may really enjoy the print book “VisionMongers” by David duChemin.

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