eBook Review of “Timelapse” by Dave Delnea, Craft&Vision

Timelapse-CoverSo the first thing I wondered when I found out the latest book at Craft&Vision was going to be about Time-lapse photography I started to wonder how the motion of time-lapse would translate into ebook format. As much as I do like the eBook/eMagazine format, I still love the feel of a good-old book in my hands, although this ebook is capable of creating an experience that just wouldn’t be possible in a physical book. Through the magic of clickable links and Vimeo, we not only get to read about the process of creating stunning time-lapse sequences, we can watch the end result.

Review of Craft&Vision’s “TIMELAPSE: An Introduction To Still Photographs In Motion”, by Dave Delnea

I have always been fairly intrigued by time-lapse photography, but haven’t invested too much energy into any kind of significant project. On the surface it seems simple enough with a simple enough formula: sturdy tripod + intervalometer = time-lapse awesomeness, with the only real challenge coming in post-production. In its essence this is true, although in reality most “simple” tasks are often filled with layers on unseen complications and details.

The Five Things I Found Most Valuable:

  1. Practical Shooting Suggestions: Everything from an overview of the key pieces of equipment to use, crucial apps for determining sunrise/sunset times & locations. The author, Dave Delnea, gives you enough of a “day in the life” of a time-lapse shoot to act as a shortcut to some early success. Any time a working pro is willing to share from their experience, even in the mundane, it is worth a listen.
  2. Detailed Post Production: Not unexpectedly, there are many technical challenges that you would be blissfully unaware of, that is until you try to edit your time-lapse. The post production walk through in Lightroom is specific enough to get you through most of the obvious technical hurdles.Timelapse-Sequence
  3. Lightroom Presets: Dave has included some Lightroom presets as a downloadable option with the purchase of this ebook. Bonus!
  4. Video Examples: Many links from time-lapse case studies are provided that show before and after videos for some technical challenges that you will undoubtably encounter. There are links to some of his finished time-lapse videos; the Vancouver fireworks video is probably my favourite of the bunch.
  5. Inspiration: Like most books that the folks at Craft&Vision take the time to produce and release, this book is no different in its ability to inspire. They have this great formula that stimulates your creativity, and provided enough technical know-how to go try a brand new technique.


If you have tried time-lapse in the past and met some frustrations, or have been a bit too intimidated to try, then I think this would be a good use some cash that might otherwise been directed towards a Latte. I would think about taking a pass on this ebook if you have no interest in time-lapse whatsoever, or you are a time-lapse master.

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