eBook Review of Craft & Vision’s “Slow” by Andrew S. Gibson

Put down your camera phone for a second, this trick you get to do with your DSLR. For those that have never tried slow shutter speeds, light painting, in-camera-movement, consider reading on about this new eBook, SLOW: The Magic of Long Exposure Photography. My first foray into slow shutter … [Read more...]

Photograph: A Quarterly Magazine For Creative Photographers, Issue 1

The folks at Craft and Vision have decided to give us something new. In addition to the quality eBooks that they release comes a quarterly magazine dubbed "Photograph: A Quarterly Magazine For Creative Photographers". This issue features content from 14 different photographers. Many of the Craft and … [Read more...]

eBook Review: Craft and Vision’s “Great Light, Easy Light” by Kevin Clark

I have been a fan of local (to me at least) photographer Kevin Clark for quite a while, so the announcement of his first eBook title here at Craft and Vision came with both excitement and some high expectations. And for the intent of this ebook, I think he delivered. My early experience was all shot … [Read more...]

“Dodge and Burn” : Craft and Vision eBook Review

Although the term Dodge and Burn was coined for the darkroom technique for Black & White print photography, the concept and principles carry over to the digital realm almost seamlessly. While the concept is the same, the tools and technique have changed. Review of "Dodge and Burn: Leading the … [Read more...]

Craft & Vision eBook Review: “eyePhone” by Al Smith

No other tool has re-ignited the passion and sheer fun of photography like the iPhone. It is just another tool after all, but it has been a game changer for me in the sense that I always have a great camera AND great editing software with me. One thing that is so remarkable about it is that it has … [Read more...]

eBook Review: Craft & Vision’s “Shoot + Share”

Creating and sharing images seems like such a simple concept on the surface. In reality it can be rife with some challenges, or at the very least a bunch of questions that need to be answered. I have to admit that the outward simplicity of the concept for this book had me thrown for a while, as I … [Read more...]

eBook Review: Craft & Vision’s “Forget Mugshots” by David duChemin

Forget Mugshots: Ten Ways to Better Portraits Inside the catchy title lies a truth that any photographer can't shake, we can all take better portraits. After reading and processing this eBook and its suggested Ten Steps, I feel challenged. I reviewed through the portraits I have made and could, with … [Read more...]

eBook Review: Craft & Vision’s “Exposure For Outdoor Photography”

The first content that captured my attention as a photographer was outdoor landscapes, so any discussion of the subject has my attention. Review of "Exposure for Outdoor Photography" by Michael Frye A have been of the case study method of instruction in ebooks, simply because many concepts can be … [Read more...]

eBook Review: Craft & Vision’s “Making The Print” by Martin Bailey

I have looked forward to this book for over a month, ever since the release of  the free 11 Ways ebook last month hinted at the content. In all honesty, printing in the digital age of photography has been a fairly confusing and frustrating process for me. In my case I really do not print a lot … [Read more...]

eBook Review: “Understanding DPP” by Andrew S. Gibson

I am a fan of Andrew S. Gibson's writing, so when I had the chance to review his latest book, Understanding DPP, I was at a bit of a loss. First of all I am not a Canon shooter, so I have never seen nor used (actually even heard of) DPP before. I almost didn't even write this review. And then I got … [Read more...]