Project Reveal: The ELENI Lamp

One of the great things about being a photographer is that you get to create and share images that mean something to you. This is true for all people, not just the ones that make a living shooting photos. As a Commercial Photographer, however, there are projects that you never get to share and also … [Read more...]

PHOTOGRAPH: A Quarterly Magazine For Creative Photographers: Issue 3 Review

Now into its third issue, the pattern for PHOTOGRAPH is starting to emerge. Ironically for a company called Craft and Vision, the structure of these Magazines is to start with the Vision and finish up with the Craft. Portfolio Reviews/Photographer Q&A Then Creative Inspiration … [Read more...]

Lightroom Develop Presets from Craft & Vision, duChemin & Delnea

Something new from the folks at Craft & Vision: Lightroom Develop Presets by David duChemin and Dave Delnea. This particular offering is pretty exciting simply because it can be a very significant tool in the hands of a photographer that wants to increase their post-processing prowess. I guess … [Read more...]

eBook Review of “Timelapse” by Dave Delnea, Craft&Vision

So the first thing I wondered when I found out the latest book at Craft&Vision was going to be about Time-lapse photography I started to wonder how the motion of time-lapse would translate into ebook format. As much as I do like the eBook/eMagazine format, I still love the feel of a good-old … [Read more...]

PHOTOGRAPH: A Quarterly Magazine For Creative Photographers Issue 2 Review

The launch of Issue one of PHOTOGRAPH was a bit of a departure from the "formula" that Craft & Vision has used to challenge photographers to focus on their craft, not just their gear. In a way it was a bit of a risk simply because it was their first try at delivering something new. If you have … [Read more...]

Breaking Through

I am standing at the edge of a cliff, staring into the abyss. This side is a barren wasteland with a diminishing sense of comfort, a comfort induced by the perceived safety of the familiar. I can't see what is on the other side, but I know it has to be better than where I am standing. If it is even … [Read more...]

eBook Review: “Growing the VisionMonger 2” Craft & Vision

My first read through the original title Growing the VisionMonger, and a later title called Your Creative Mix had me hooked on author Corwin Hiebert's grasp of the entrepreneurial needs of us creative types. The term VisionMonger was coined to describe the creative who sells their "vision". It is … [Read more...]

eBook Review “A Sense of Place” a Craft&Vision ebook by Younes Bounhar

I have a thing for travel photography books. I love spending time getting immersed into someone else's adventure via their camera lens. While this is no substitute for your own adventures, it does offer you a glimpse at sights and events that you may never actually see with your own eyes. Enter a … [Read more...]

Craft & Vision Black Friday (2012) Deals

I just found out that Craft & Vision will be having a killer 50%!! OFF all existing eBook titles until 11:59 (PST) Friday November 23rd. This discount will automatically be applied, so no worries about finding the right discount code or anything. The discount will be applied to everything except … [Read more...]

eBook Review of “Lightroom 4 Unmasked” a Craft & Vision book by Piet Van den Eynde

Well this is a first of a kind for Craft & Vision, a fully fledged instruction manual for Adobe Lightroom. I'll tip you off on what I think of it; it is a must have if you are a Lightroom user, plain and simple. Other eBook titles have explored and explained certain aspects and techniques that … [Read more...]