My Approach

These are my guiding principles for any project I undertake. In other terms, it is like my simple Manifesto about photography, and life in general.

An Image, A Product Shot, A Room, A Headshot, A Website Should Be…



Every image has a chance to speak volumes about your, your business, your product, your brand. What would it look like if you could let your Visuals do the talking for you? That question is what inspires me, and what I aspire to create.


  …Have/Provide Value

In a disposable society it is a challenge to create anything that can keep our attention long enough to matter, so creating something of value is paramount. I want to provide great value to anyone I work with, and I definitely want my clients to receive a great value in their overall experience.


  …Embrace Simplicity

The hallmark of a great design, in my opinion, is when you are able to remove every possible element until nothing else can be removed without drastically altering the design itself. I believe this for the composition of images, the lighting scheme used, the overall production of each shoot. When possible I like to work with a small footprint, shoot it in-camera, simplify the post-production, all with the goal to keep the focus (pun intended) on the subject. Even the admin tasks (image licensing, usage, etc) should be as simple as possible.


  …Be Collaborative

No one knows your business like you do, and you are the most invested in its success. Your thoughts and opinions are an important part of any creative project. Along the same lines, great things can come from the merging of other creative minds.


  …Straight Forward

Straight forward and focused is not only an element of my personal style, but also how I try to conduct myself.


  …The Balancing Point Between Functional And Aesthetic

A great end result should be as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. One should’t be emphasized at the expense of the other.